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Life Coaching and Therapy

 Coaching and Counseling Services:

I work with individuals to build healthy relationship skills with themselves and in all areas of their life.

Specialty Focus:

- Self Discovery 

- Relationship issues

- Unhealthy social and intimate relationships with friends, family, significant other, dating

- Personality issues that create conflict in relationship with others

- Self confidence, self-esteem, individuals who appear to be put together on the outside but is struggling to maintain on the inside 

- Effectively communicating and expressing needs 

- Relationship Coaching

- Boundaries, honoring personal boundaries, honoring the boundaries of others,

-Managing Expectations

- Breaking away from codependent, rescue, fixer syndrome relationship cycles 

- Resiliency through family and social trauma 

-Living Intentionally, moving away from materialism, embracing authenticity  

My approach is an array of styles including: Life Coaching, Solution-Focused, Attachment Theory, Trauma Focused, Mindfulness and  Acceptance Commitment.

My mission is to empower individuals to lead emotionally healthy lives by developing practical skills to understand themselves, communicate their needs and reframe emotions in healthy ways, so they can be in control and become intentional about all their life choices, find inner peace and live in their truth. 

Life Coaching

My services are personalized and solution focused. I guide you every step of the way and provide various tools to help you regulate your emotions, set boundaries, adjust expectations, develop new perspectives towards your challenges and gain inner peace. 

Individual Therapy 

I will help you navigate relationship challenges.  Guide you through developing an understanding of yourself and your attachment style.  Help you to communicate your needs effectively, set healthy boundaries and relationship expectations.

Short-term Counseling 

I will help you develop mental strength, working through fears and choices that are barriers to being your authentic self. I will help you gain clarity through challenging your thought process and guide you to move away from behaviors that are not align with your core values. We will work together to identify and set intentional goals moving you towards self empowerment.

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“The greatest healing would be to wake up from what we are not.” – Mooji

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Accepting New Clients Contact Me

 It can be difficult to ask for help. It's hard to be vulnerable with someone you don't know. We will work together to build a connection so you can feel safe and comfortable sharing your feelings. Change is not easy, but is doable! Contact me today for a free consultation.


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Service Rates

I understand that therapy and coaching services can cost a ton, but there's no better investment than investing in yourself. I always attempt to accommodate the unique situation of each individual. Contact me and see what options are available for you.

*I believe one should have the freedom to engage in therapy without the burden of being diagnosed with a mental health disorder. We all experience and cope with stress differently. Due to this core ideology of mine, I do not accept insurance, as insurance requires a mental health diagnosis and can be very limiting to treatment progress. However, I do encourage you to utilize your insurance if that is the most suitable and affordable means for you to gain access to treatment.*

Life Coaching and Therapy Options

Short-term Counseling

*(Weekly sessions, four sessions max).* 

               $85 (45 minutes per session).                 
-Best for individuals who are attempting therapy for the first time.

-Individuals who have previously engaged in therapy and need a refresher.  

-Individuals seeking life coaching 

*No Insurance accepted at this time.* Self Pay Only.*

Life Coaching and Therapy Options

Individual Therapy 

$115 (60 minutes per session).

-Best for individuals seeking biweekly   support. 

$155 (75 minutes max per session).

-Best for individuals seeking monthly, bi-monthly or as needed support.

*Based on intensity of needs and appropriateness for reduced frequency.*

 Couples / Marriage Therapy & Coaching 

 *Consultation Required* 

*No Insurance accepted at this time.* Self Pay Only.*

Life Coaching and Therapy Options

Life Coaching

                $95 (60 minutes per session).
$475 (5 sessions)
$950 (10 sessions max).​

Best for individuals with mild to moderate life stressors with strong sense of self awareness skills.

*No Insurance accepted at this time.* Self Pay Only.*

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What is the difference between Therapy and Life Coaching? How long is each session?

Life coaching focuses on the here and now, it is not processing trauma or focusing on the past. It is very present and future focused, goal oriented, solution-focused and short-term. Individuals in life coaching are typically experiencing mild or short-term stressors, they are usually self aware and are primarily utilizing healthy coping skills. 

Therapy focuses on a wide scope, it is past, present and future, it focuses on processing of emotions, past events, present issues, future goals. It is psycho-educational, identifying root cause, building self awareness and learning healthy coping behavioral response. Therapy can be solution-focused and goal oriented depending on individual needs. It can also be short-term, but is usually longer term than life coaching.

Coaching and Therapy sessions are typically between 45 minutes to 60 minutes. 

What are the therapy and coaching techniques used?

The techniques I specialize in and primarily use in sessions are: solution-focused, attachment, acceptance and commitment, mindfulness, and person-centered.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I understand that coaching and therapy can be costly, I believe finances should never be a barrier to getting the help you need. I offer sliding rates to accommodate your financial needs.

How frequently should I attend sessions?

The frequency of sessions is based on your needs and preference. Frequency is not fixed, it is adjustable and can be changed to a schedule that's appropriate for your needs.

Do you offer flexible scheduling options?

My scheduling options are targeted to allow you time to focus on you. I offer, evenings, mornings and afternoon sessions.

What online platform is used to facilitate sessions and how is my information stored?

The online platform used to host sessions is called Simple Practice, a HIPPA regulated telehealth platform. All sessions are via video. Your information is stored in their database. No hard copy of private information is stored in my private home office.

About Me

 Passionate, Intentional, Minimalist, Adventurous

Hi! I'm Kerrian McKay, welcome to my website and thank you for considering my services.  I have been practicing as a mental health therapist in Virginia for approximately ten+ years. I provide life coaching and counseling services to individuals with a wide range of life stressors and mental health challenges. I have a passion for teaching boundaries and healthy relationship skills, so that individuals can present as their most authentic selves, enjoy their relationships, rather than feel burdened by them.

My core values are: Knowing when I have the capacity to help others and when I do not. Being okay with letting go when I have done my best and there's nothing else I can do. Having the courage to be true to myself in the face of fear and uncertainty. Accepting what is even when I don't want to. Learning to grow and evolve when I don't feel like it. Extending love, empathy, compassion and grace to myself and others.

In my down time I enjoy traveling, relaxing at the beach and eating good food.

Mental Health Counselor, Therapist, Psychotherapist, Life Coach
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My Credentials

Bachelors of Psychology

Completed undergraduate studies with a focus in clinical psychology.
-City Universities of New York (CUNY)

Masters of Clinical Social Work (MSW)

Completed graduate studies and clinical internships with a focus in clinical social work.
-George Mason University

Independent Clinical License - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

-Completed post graduate clinical work to become Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Virginia
-Completed clinical supervision hours
-Completed on the job clinical training in various clinical settings
-Passed Board of Social Work clinical exam

Ten+ years of practice experience as a Mental Health Therapist in the public sector with a focus in community mental health

-Outpatient Therapist

-Inpatient Therapist

-Emergency Services Therapist

-Substance Abuse Therapist

-School Social Worker (High School)

-Private Practice Psychotherapist

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Self Discovery & Emotional Wellness Resources

Being emotionally well does not mean you'll be happy all the time. Emotional wellness means you are able to keep problems in perspective, you do not allow your problems to consume your life or define you. You claim your life, lead with courage and authenticity, take control and steer your life in the direction you want it to go. As a Mental Health Provider, I strongly believe in self empowerment - that’s why I offer my clients a wide range of useful information. Feel free to explore these complementary resources and interesting reads I have listed below, and educate yourself at your convenience wherever you are in your journey to healing.

Self Help Books and Podcasts

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